Steins;Gate 0 Episode 3: Phone buddy

This week's episode was still pretty interesting. Rintarou's interactions with Amadeus are really fun, and I'm curious to see whether there's something more going on beneath them. The episode's first and final scenes make me wonder how much focus the romantic element between Mayuri and Rintarou will get. I'm not sure I'm okay with that yet.

You anyone passing by, I bet Rintarou looks like he's got some kind of digital girlfriend app or something.

I feel like I should be suspecting something from this conversation, but I'm blanking.

Amadeus Kurisu is really cute in this scene. But what is she pushing? Some kind of relationship between Maho and Rintarou?

I thought this scene where Suzu pushes down her mother was especially funny. It's probably because it ends up looking like it could be one of the most wacky renditions of the grandfather paradox I've seen.

Ouch. I know Rintarou seems like the kind of person who wouldn't have a girlfriend, but that was harsh.

Maho's strong reaction here makes me wonder if she's gone through the same thing that Rintarou's going through now. I mean...she's known about Amadeus Kurisu for a while now, right? Or did I miss some statement that Rintarou was the first experiment?

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