Spring 2018 Grab Bag Week 3: Persona 5

I'm mostly focusing on episode 3, but this post is really a general look at the adaptation so far. As a disclaimer in case you don't already know, I've played the game. Though I had my issues with some aspects of the story, I found the story's approach to justice fascinating. When it comes to the anime version, I don't really think it's bad, but it seems to be going through the story really quickly. I suppose it makes sense given the amount of content, but it really makes me wonder how this series looks to people without my background knowledge.

In episode 3, I was pretty bothered by the investigation phase in the real world. When Ren and Ryuuji were questioning the volleyball team, the scenes were shown as still images while the characters talked in the background like a montage. It just felt strange.

I do appreciate that the adaptation hasn't been shy about the more grim aspects of the story. Shiho's suicide attempt and the physical abuse she received from Kamoshida weren't really shown in the game, but the anime has been pushing them. These things still happened in the game, of course, but they were mostly shown through conversation.

There's also an awkward time rewind in episode 3 when Morgana is introduced. I'm not sure I get why this presentation makes more sense than chronological order. Morgana's introduction and Ann's encounter with Ren are pretty isolated events.

I will say, though, that I've really liked the Persona awakening scenes. They've looked great and gave me the same kind of chilling sensation that I felt when I saw them in the game.

On the other hand, the fights in this adaptation have felt somewhat disappointing. I think it's nice that game elements are incorporated as easter eggs, but it feels like it's taken too far. The combat in the anime actually looks overly "game-like", as the monsters and humans attack each other one-by-one in sequence. If we're not constrained to a game system, I would personally prefer a more natural flow to combat.

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