Golden Kamuy Episode 3: That was kinda harsh

This show is the strangest mix of harsh violence and goofiness, which is oddly charming. The insight into the Ainu culture continues to be really interesting, and the show's random comedy is working for me.

Asirpa's expression here is great. The interactions between these two main characters continue to be hilarious. I really like the two of them together.

I feel like there are so many wasted scenes in this sequence. Asirpa's attempt to hide the drawing is screwed up by the squirrel. However, the entire sequence kinda loses its meaning when the wolf shows up. Asirpa's face while she's being lifted is pretty funny, though.

This scene ended up being surprisingly grim. The fact that Sugimoto ends up going into the bear's den after specifically refusing to do it earlier in the episode is kinda boring. But the face-ripping in this scene was just shocking enough to be really effective.

I don't mind this development from a story perspective. However, it's seeming really likely that the man Asirpa spares will inevitably kill Retar. And even though Retar's not human, I actually don't really want to see him die.

I thought the naming stuff was entertaining and informative.

There seems to be a bit of a forced dichotomy in the way the military and the Ainu are portrayed. The tribal Ainu, who have less access to technology, are depicted as really normal people while the industrialized military are shown to be fairly insane. I admit it's interesting, but I'm not sure if it's pushed a little too far.

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