Caligula Episode 3: Magical dreams

This series is still at a weird point where I like a lot what I'm seeing, but the presentation weird enough to make me feel apprehension. The core behind the events of this episode seemed okay, but the timing seemed really awkward. Also, I think the story doesn't set itself up enough, so a lot of Mifue's background comes out of nowhere.

I guess this is a cameo for all of the bosses? Okay then...

This scene where Mifue attempts to act cute just to receive a blank response was funnier than I expected from this show. Definitely a good laugh.

I really felt like this scene didn't quite go far enough. I think Mifue's thing with her mother is interesting, but it didn't quite add up. I understand that Mifue demonstrates her dislike of fat people, but the link with her mother is a bit shaky. If her mother's intentionally starving herself, why is Mifue responsible? Did Mifue influence her mother's decision to avoid overeating?

Additionally, SweetP's "attack" felt like it was missing something. Does Mu only grant wishes based on the true feelings of the person making the wish? Is that an established fact? If not, SweetP's claims are empty, which is kinda important from a viewer's perspective.

After an episode showing brief glimpses of Ritsu walking through the town, it seems odd that the ending shifts the focus back to him. Was the ticking sound effect just supposed to indicate that time was enough to change his mind?

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