Darling in the FranXX Episode 15: Reconciliation

I was pretty annoyed after last week's episode, but I felt a lot better about this week's episode. I liked that the episode dropped some interesting hints about the world, even if some of those "hints" were a little bit more blatant than that. In addition, I did like how Zero Two's scenes played out.

I'm not sure how much this was suggested before this episode, but I find it interesting that the 9's seem to be pretty similar to Zero Two. It makes sense given that she was previously on their team, but I'm curious about the seemingly thematic teams.

I really liked this line. The suspected link between klaxosaurs and humans is pretty obvious, so this question from Goro is a pretty passive hint.

This scene also showed some surprising subtlety. Rather than giving a long-winded explanation, this "standard" line about honor makes it pretty clear that this guy's being ordered to sacrifice himself.

Wow, Goro...earning major points for being such a bro.

I know there are more important things happening right now, but can anyone explain to me how Ichigo is piloting her Franxx alone right now? Wasn't there an earlier episode that showed her struggling to do that? Is this supposed to be some kind of hidden character progress?

This scene...just frustrated me. I think the human shape in the core is interesting, but I really hated how much attention was drawn to it. When the characters mention that it looks human, it just felt like the series wanted to make sure everyone watching noticed.

I'm still not a fan of the "blood ingestion" being enough to mess with Hiro, but I really liked Zero Two's memories here. The scene did a great job of emphasizing how much she struggled to hold on to her memories of Hiro.

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