Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai Episode 3: Cat problems

Well, I wasn't expecting to see an episode narrated by Nyanko Big, but it was still pretty entertaining. I liked how the episode framed events around the cat naturally while also using him to introduce some background stories for the main characters.

I liked how the scene in the cafe played out. The elderly couple got introduced as regulars pretty seamlessly as part of Nyanko Big's narration. I did get the sense that younger couple was shrugged off a bit after the 8-second thing, but I guess I can understand what they were there to accomplish.

Even when the show reaches the park, it still gives Nyanko Big a reason to be there. At the point in the story, I figured his role was done.

This unintentional insult from Hinako was pretty funny. I didn't expect that kind of comment to come from her.

My only real concern with the episode was that I felt like it pushed the "8 second" thing a little too hard. I thought the timer was funny, but I wasn't a fan of seeing Nyanko Big draw attention to it every time by repeating himself. In contrast, the scene with the indirect kiss between Tada and Teresa was more of what I liked to see. No big fuss is made about it, and Nyanko Big leaves with a suggestive comment to point towards the scene's meaning.

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