Steins;Gate 0 Episode 2: Advanced coping

This series continues to be pretty intriguing, even if the science bits are a bit frustrating to watch. I'm a little alarmed that the series seems to be trying to inflict as much suffering as possible on Okabe, but I'm really curious to see where it goes.

This entire exchange really didn't feel like much to me. Sure, the scientist was being annoying by flatly rejecting the concept of storing memories as data, but it should be pretty simple to explain the mechanism behind the process if it really works. I'm really not a fan of giving Okabe the nickname "Einstein" just because he appealed to the possibilities of science. I agree with Okabe's sentiment, but it just didn't feel relevant here.

I also quite like the idea of watching Maho and Okabe bond over their relationship with Kurisu (and the sense of loss they both feel). I'm glad they didn't go into some weird phase where Okabe pretends to know as much as Kurisu did. The truth comes out pretty quickly.

I'm quite curious about this scene where Kurisu considers the possibility of time travel rather than flatly rejecting it like her living counterpart. Okabe eventually accepts that Amadeus is replicating Kurisu perfectly without really addressing this scene, which makes me really suspicious. The simple explanation is that Kurisu experiences something big enough to change her worldview before meeting Okabe, but we'll have to see. Alternatively, I'm just forgetting something from the original.

I'm surprised that Okabe sees this as a form of consolation. Being constantly reminded of Kurisu feels like a pretty bad way to get over her.

There's something really comical about the fact that this advanced AI system has its own app.

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