Dorei-ku the Animation First Impressions (1): That was odd

I was drawn to this show because the premise seemed like it could be interesting, but I wasn't really having a good time watching the first episode. A system that allows one person to control another seems to get at the kinds of moral questions I like. But at the end of the day, this show reminds me a lot of Kakegurui with some forced component to the punishments. We're probably just in for watching a bunch of really crappy people get their comeuppance. I dunno...this series might be a little too messed up for me.

Seems a bit odd to me to lead with this kind of symbolism stuff.

Not too hard to see where this is going.

This scene actually came as a huge shock after the opening scene of this episode. It does make sense from a technological standpoint that these devices work in pairs, but it really makes me question the popularity of them. Seriously, why would you believe someone enough to stick this thing in your mouth? It doesn't even look comfortable.

I also question this effect. I guess you could argue that the device hooks your brain to it while it's active, but that explanation feels incomplete. I find it hard to believe that this could happen silently. You'd at least feel some euphoria, right?

This might be the weirdest scenario devised to bring two characters together that I've ever seen. This guy was just looking for a smart person to have his back? I mean...there have to be better ways.

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