Golden Kamuy Episode 2: I'm still trying to decide how seriously to take this show

I'm still having fun watching this series. This week's episode felt like a bit of a strange mix of lighthearted scenes and harsh scenes, but it kinda worked for me. I thought the lighter scenes illustrated good interactions between the main characters, so I'm starting to feel more invested in them.

These two characters are great together.

Adding extra competing elements seems like it would make things more dramatic. I don't have a problem with it.

The food preparation conversation was really interesting. I liked the information it gave about the Ainu traditions. Plus, I have my typical soft spot for cooking scenes.

So...what exactly happened with the first prisoner? When he was shot, the episode made sure to emphasize that Asirpa's drawing was ruined by the blood splatter, but it never returns to that. I guess I'm supposed to assume that they eventually go back to carve up the dead body like they did last week. However, it seems like a strange things to skip without mentioning when a scene was put in specifically to mess up the sketch.

Where the heck did this random narrator voice come from? It feels so unnecessary.

Honestly, I expected the 7th Division to immediately find this guy at the end of the episode to kill him.

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