Caligula First Impressions (2): Everything is a lie

I'm still not completely sure what to make of this show. I like the concept behind it, but I thought a couple of the developments in this episode were strange. I think the episode did a decent job of introducing the world a bit more despite the confusion of the major characters, so I'm still curious to see where it goes.

If Ritsu's running across the street, he should be running parallel to the crosswalk. Yet he somehow falls perpendicular to it. Also, he's somehow standing on the sidewalk when he stands up.

Shougo questions why Ritsu is only able to partially understand what's going on in the world by asking why he was only half awakened. Doesn't that kinda speak for itself?

I did like how the episode categorized the types of people in this world. The people like Ritsu have somehow figured out that there's something wrong with the world. In addition to them, there are apparently the people who are still blind, the people who are part of the system who show up as screen blurs, and the people who are part of the system who attack in response to a song. I'm sure these groups will all get fancy names some time soon.

So, I liked watching Ritsu's thought process as he tried to process what he was seeing to draw a conclusion about the true nature of the world. I thought it was a bit frustrating that his working theory of a pandemic is completely trivialized when he's just told that the world is fake.

Also, I'm going to need to decide what I'm going to do about the Greek letter if I'm going to keep watching this show.

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