Darling in the FranXX Episode 14: So close to getting some answers

Honestly, this week's episode felt like a cop-out after what we saw in the previous episode. I'm sympathetic in that I can understand the reasoning behind the actions of both Ichigo and Zero Two, but I'm still somewhat annoyed that the episode dances around Hiro's past with Zero Two rather than letting the two of them figure it out. That's why I call it a cop-out.

Hmm, I must have misunderstood last week's episode. This line from Zero Two makes me think that she also didn't realize that Hiro was the boy she met when she was younger. I guess the memory wipe was effective after all.

Yeah, this seems like an appropriate time to do this. I suppose we're dismissing this because Mitsuru's had his episode already?

Wait, I was joking when I said that Hiro became compatible with Zero Two after he licked her blood. I didn't think it was actually a reasonable explanation.

Ichigo's proposal seems extreme, but I'd say it makes sense given what she knows. From her perspective, Zero Two probably seems like a big liability. Plus, she got her team to agree, so it's not like she's acting on her own.

You know, I was expecting Hiro to lick Ichigo's cut here to continue with the blood transfer shenanigans, but I guess that wasn't the reason for the scene.

Well then...this might be a bit of an overreaction. I could make the case that Zero Two is inherently unstable, though. Recent events certainly haven't helped with that.

I think we can all agree, though. It really sucks to be Goro.

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