Steins;Gate 0 First Impressions (1): The return

I honestly can't say how heavily my opinion has been biased by nostalgia, but I really enjoyed this episode. The episode seemed to do a good job of setting up the new story while showing us how the events from the first season have affected Okabe. The premise seems interesting, as it seems this series will explore aspects of the human mind along with the implications of AI.

This visual seemed really familiar to me, so I had to check. In the opening for the original Steins;Gate, there's a similar scene where Mayushi holds her hand up to the sun. For some reason, that scene really stood out to me. I'm going to assume that this version is a call back to the original.

Phew, that hypnotherapy scene was pretty creepy. Was that Okabe's attempt to make himself forget what he did?

This line was a pretty funny reference to the inherent problem created when time travel interacts with deterministic timelines.

I get that this scene was supposed to be really creepy and everything, but the distorted song playing in the background was truly painful. I acknowledge that it was effective, though.

Getting a little gutsy with the rebound girl, Okabe?

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