Golden Kamuy First Impressions (1): Get the gold

A tribal warrior and a war hero go searching for hidden treasure? This series certainly seems interesting. This first episode certainly had its issues, but it was entertaining, and I'm curious to see where it will go. It seems like a fairly straightforward quest to find a holy grail, but we'll see where it goes with that.

Serious question: is he going to shout this out in every episode?

I acknowledge that this story only exists to set up the quest, but I can't help but question this guy's plan. It's so unnecessarily convoluted that the only conclusion I can draw is that he just wants to jerk his jailers around. If he really wants his allies on the outside to have a chance of finding the treasure, there's no way he'd rely on the survival of multiple death row inmates. Don't get me wrong. If it's ultimately revealed that the plan all along was to troll the government, I'd be really impressed with this series.

I like the link between Asirpa and the lost gold. Even if I thought the story of the gold was illogical, the link makes it feel like it has some purpose.

Not gonna lie. I burst out laughing when I saw this. That bear looked like a freaking abomination.

As much as I thought this action was cool, I can't help but be annoyed that Sugimoto wins with the standard technique of letting the enemy impale itself. I had the same problem in the first episode of Grancrest Senki.

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