Caligula First Impressions (1): Enough brain talk to make me feel at home

I really wasn't ready for what I got out of this first episode. I was having a blast watching the first half of the episode, but the episode definitely gets a lot stranger in the end. I really liked the "eerie" atmosphere that the episode was building before it reached its reveal, but I thought that the "action" style was a bit too jarring. Either way, I find the series interesting enough to want to keep watching.

Something about this scene really bothered me. Mizuguchi starts by asking if Ritsu is studying math but immediately complains that he always reads psychology books when he corrects her. Why wouldn't that be her first guess? I guess I can give it a pass because Ritsu later expands his interests towards philosophy, but it still seemed strange.

I'm surprised the series starts with this kind of explanation. Personally, I didn't mind it because I find psychology interesting, but I'm not sure whether I'm a minority case.

I think I messed up by reading the synopsis for this series before watching the episode. It really ruined these scenes that hinted at the "wrong" nature of the world.

I know this is going to sound pompous, but I really don't think that the fish example is a great demonstration of this statement. I can see the metaphorical link, but I just don't think it gets the idea across. Still, I thought it was hilarious when Ritsu's friend just ignored the example and gives the irrational response.

So, did Ritsu ruin the world for everyone? It seemed like the world was reacting to his personal revelations. Did the other people in the simulation just get caught up in the consequences for his actions?

The final development really confused me. I just don't understand the need to attack everyone, but I guess I'll reserve judgment until we get an explanation next week. I'm guessing the people that didn't transform were real humans.

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