Tokyo Ghoul:re First Impressions (1): Seems fine

I feel like I might regret saying this, but my first impression of this series was fairly positive. I didn't have the highest opinion of the original Tokyo Ghoul, but the stuff I saw in this episode seemed, at the very least, promising. I just hope I'm not opening myself too much to a flood of manga veterans...because that's always fun.

One issue I had with this episode was that it seemed to jump past explanations a bit more than I would have liked. That's not to say that jumping into the action is a bad thing. I just think that the episode used too much jargon without giving context, as if it expected me to know more than I did from the beginning. It's especially weird given that the episode starts with a fairly useless narration introducing ghouls.

I don't know what's going on here, but this line is pretty funny.

I find the competitive atmosphere of Sasaki's squad to be pretty interesting. I hope this goes somewhere. I also quite like the idea of having two different teams arrive at the culprit through different routes of investigation.

Surely, there's a more natural way to introduce the special nature of the Quinx squad than this.

I was really hoping for more from the fights in this episode. To be fair, I thought the scenes showing a materialization of a quinque looked great. However, the fights themselves felt really jumpy with very little focus on actual fighting. It felt more like a composition of slash animations.

This scene also seemed a little odd to me. It felt somewhat self-explanatory. This guy gets triggered by retreat orders because his father died as a result of one. It seems like a fairly complete explanation of a character trait, which seems strange in a first episode. Maybe it's okay...I haven't figured it out yet.

Boy, this guy looks familiar...

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