3D Kanojo First Impressions (1): This is awkward

I feel like I shouldn't be starting the spring season with this series because my views aren't that positive. It's been a long time since I read the beginning of this series in manga form, but the story incorporates more tropes than I realized. I don't think the show's bad. I give it points for getting things rolling instead of focusing so much on steps leading to the confession.

Much of Iroha's character feels really familiar. Most students assume she's a slut because of her appearance and the way she interacts with boys. The main character happens to notice her doing something good, which is meant to help redeem her character. It's something I feel like I see in a lot of other series.

I do have to give Iroha credit. She's got some great insults.

There's a consistent theme in this episode that portrays Tsutsui as having a "hero" mentality. It's something that's a bit common in romance that's always bothered me. Just how strong is a relationship that's built on an overt act of "saving" someone? It reminds me of the suspension bridge effect.

Okay, Tsutsui. Following Iroha around was weird enough, but do you really need to tell the clerk about Iroha's entire day to prove her innocence? I feel like the relevant information was just that Tsutsui was watching her while she was in the bookstore and knew she didn't steal the books.

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