Sangatsu no Lion S2 Final Episodes (43 + 44): Sad to see it go

Ah, I'm sad to see another season of this series end. When do we get the next one? These were some nice, heartfelt stories to end on. Right from the beginning, the grandfather's story was a great look into a character that doesn't normally get a lot of focus. Even though I couldn't relate to his situation, I can totally understand his drive to stay alive for his grandchildren.

Hina is adorable.

I always like scenes like this one because they make Rei feel so relatable. I've always liked the idea of supporting people with actions rather than using words alone. I'm not saying that words are empty, but moments like this one feel a lot more impactful to me. Rei wants to help, but he doesn't want to make others worry, so he puts in even more effort to make sure he can help without causing pain.

Bringing the series around with a reference to the first episode is a nice touch. I would have expected this scene to be in the final episode, but I can see how it sets up Rei's home visit.

Rei's visit home is one of my favorite stories in this series. The story just does a great job of encapsulating the complicated frustration and love of Rei's adoptive mother. As with the grandfather, I can't fully relate to her pain, but I can understand the idea of seeing someone who makes you question your own actions.

I really like the idea that Rei put pressure on his adoptive family by essentially just acting like a good person. It's a counterintuitive idea, which makes it interesting to ponder. Also, the scene where Rei hugs Tarou, the dog, was just excellent.

And the show ends on a nice note with Hina's hairstyle change as she transitions to high school. I'm not sure she should be taking Rei's sense of style too seriously, though.

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