Violet Evergarden Episode 12: Train wars

I guess we're back to the action in this show. Anyone else really miss the emotional episodes? Maybe it's just me, but I felt kind of let down in this episode. I wonder if it's just because I don't like Dietfried so far.

I found this scene strangely interesting. I feel like I can believe that Violet's letters have improved significantly, but I kinda wish the show gave me more of why she has become one of the most popular Dolls. Specifically, I'm curious what about her specific style is and how her experience has shaped it. Is she just more straightforward than the other Dolls? It's not an issue with the show...I'm just curious.

The big sticking point of the episode is Dietfried. I can honestly understand his anger at his brother's death, but part of me wonders how realistic it really is. He seems too angry for that explanation. Is there more to it? Is he just lashing out? I really have trouble believing that he's just upset that Violet didn't protect Gilbert.

This is a truly unbelievable amount of banter to have on top of a moving train.

Aww, a cliffhanger? It's not like I would ever believe that something terrible happened to Violet here, so I don't see the point.

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