Kokkoku Final Episode (12): Could have been a worse ending

This final episode felt like a bit of an improvement over last week's episode, but I still had plenty of issues with it. I thought that Juri's progression into becoming "stir crazy" was fine, but the ending didn't feel satisfying for me. The characters in this series felt like they were being set up for something special, but none of them really got a chance to shine in the end. I'm having trouble thinking back to what many of these characters contributed.

This line from Majima illustrates one of my problems with this series. I have a problem with her stating with certainty something she has very light justification to say. Sure, it makes sense that Sagawa would have no memories if he's been reconstructed as a baby from his DNA, but when has the Stasis world been so logical?

This sure does take a while, but it's generally fine. I'm honestly surprised Juri lasts as long as she does without becoming a Herald.

Look, I think it's great that the Founder appears in the first episode. I really do. It's a mechanic that takes advantage of the time stop aspect of the show. The events of episode 12 and episode 1 are literally occuring on the same day. So, bringing things back full circle just works with the premise.

That being said, I still think that the Founder's introduction fails to solve any mysteries while providing a very convenient out for Juri. As I said last week, this kind of development just screams of a show that isn't really interested in presenting a consistent world. Magic is just used to explain whatever random development is needed.

Final Score: 6/10 - Pretty intriguing in the beginning, but the series never really goes anywhere with it.

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