Darling in the FranXX Episode 11: More side characters

This week's episode was okay in that it continues the introduction of the side characters, but Mitsuru's story didn't seem too interesting overall. I found myself a lot more interested in Kokoro, but much of her motivation was kept silent. We've also had this creepy Zero Two thing going on in the background, but I don't know what to make of it yet.

The parasites have scores? Do they have anything to do with the graphs on the screen? Those graphs make it look like the third score is the only one that's consistently low. I assume the order is the same for each graph. Or you know...they're just random graphs.

I said it already, but I really didn't think Mitsuru's story was that interesting. He idolized Hiro as a child and felt betrayed when Hiro forgot a promise the two made together. It's practically guaranteed that we'll get a future episode where Hiro will reveal that he had a legitimate reason to forget. Nothing crazy...

Pistil-to-pistil connection? You have my attention.

I'm really curious about Kokoro's reason to switch partners. She seems insistent on the fact that she isn't making some sort of pity play. I can understand that she might feel uncomfortable with Futoshi's clingy behavior. Is that the assumption we're supposed to make? Or is it simply a way for her to reach out and help Mitsuru?

That's not creepy at all.

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