Violet Evergarden Episode 11: Back to the battlefield

I honestly thought this series had nowhere left to go once Violet got through all of the Gilbert stuff. However, I really feel like the episodes after that point have been better than the ones from before that point. These episodes feel a lot less repetitive (while keeping some shared elements), which allows more time for emotional impact.

This civil war seems to be a reference back to the roadblock from two episodes ago. I'm glad that it wasn't just a throwaway scene.

There's a "descending angel" reference here, but I don't have a good example to use.

I thought it was pretty funny that the enemy leader recognized Violet and decided to retreat.

Honestly, my first reaction to this scene was that Violet was faking because Aidan was dying. Even though Violet ended up just taking Aidan's words for the letter, I didn't mind because I also thought they were great. The whole idea of wishing to be reincarnated has his parents' son again was really nice.

I know it's tragic, but I liked that Aidan died in this episode. Violet's not always going to save the day, and I think this experience plays into her survivor's guilt. It means that there's still room for her to develop as a character.

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