Sora yori mo Tooi Basho Episode 12: They just keep coming

First Violet Evergarden and now this. These shows really aren't letting up on the feels. This week's episode was really great. The buildup was done well and Shirase's mentality was believable.

Ugh, the show literally warns us by showing Shirase peeling onions while talking about crying. Stop being so good at subtlety!

Shirase's hesitance was explained well and it made a lot of sense. For pretty much the entire series, she's been telling her friends that she's fine when they ask about her mother. She probably says that because she's been hung up and unable to grieve. Her fear that the feeling will never go away seems reasonable in that light. She likely has been dealing with that pain for years.

I also liked Gin's take on Takako. It's refreshing that she didn't do the typical adult thing of guessing the wishes of the dead.

I had to check because I was curious, and the password to Takako's computer is Shirase's birthday (1101). It's not a hard one to guess. I'm actually way more curious about Shirase's first attempt. She types "0417", which doesn't seem to be a birthday. I'm going to be really upset if there's an obvious explanation that I'm just missing.

That final scene really hit hard. It's not only the fact that Shirase finally "connect" with her mother. We've been shown Shirase's phone many times through the series with the "Dear Mom" heading. I made the assumption (which was probably the intended assumption) that Shirase was unable to send her messages to her mother. However, this scene confirms that she's been sending those messages the entire time. That realization really drives this scene home.

Also, it looks like there's also a message in a different folder. I'm guessing that's an outbox, which means that Takako probably left a message for Shirase. I think the worst is yet to come.

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