Winter 2018 Grab Bag Week 11: Sangatsu no Lion, Mahou Tsukai no Yome

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3-gatsu no Lion S2 Episode 41

This episode started with a nice break from the action, but it still felt like it had plenty of stuff going on. The bullying incident hasn't been resolved, which is fine with me. People don't just change at the drop of a hat after all.

I really liked that the series acknowledged the lasting impact on Chiho. This scene shows her progress as well as the damage that has been done really succintly.

This scene with the new teacher also brings up a point that I quite like. Justice is an interesting topic for me, and I've always been curious about how people regard perpetrators after they've been labeled "evil". Do we punish perpetrators just to dispense justice or are we trying to correct their behavior. It's easier to make the argument with kids, but I think it extends further. Either way, the new teacher's questions demonstrate the kinds of reactions I find questionable.

This line just feels really relatable. I wouldn't say I'm the same, but I've had thoughts like this in the past.

Mahoutsukai no Yome Episode 23

The first half of this episode felt a little strange in that I didn't fully get why it needed to be here. I guess the point was to show that the fairies wish for Chise's well-being, but don't necessarily respect her wishes.

What interests me about Cartaphilus's story is that it's a bit of a role reversal. Based on the setup we've seen so far, we expect that Joseph is being held prisoner in this eternal life by Cartaphilus. However, Cartaphilus really comes off as the pitiful one in the flashback. Instead, the "Cartaphilus" that we've seen up to this point has really been Joseph, who is desperately trying to free himself.

We're almost at the end. I'm really looking forward to seeing how this story gets wrapped up.

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