Kokkoku Episode 11: Pretty random

What...did I just watch? Am I the only one who thought this episode was a special kind of nonsense? From what I saw, it seemed like this episode was just making things up out of nowhere. Sure, I guess that gives points for being unpredictable, but most of these developments felt like they had no relationship to established story points.

I was happy to see Juri ignore Sagawa's story and go straight for the kill. It's too bad nothing came of it. Why didn't Juri just keep using her power? She states that she could expel Sagawa if she used her power on his a few more times and decides to switch to using a knife. That kind of change is just begging for Sagawa to escape his death somehow.

Takafumi also gets a pretty good moment here when he demonstrates his resolve to kill Sagawa. However, he also feels like he's wasted when the following scene shows Juri removing him from Stasis.

It's the same with Makoto. His awakened power seems squandered when he only contributes slightly to the battle in the previous episode. Now, he's just gone. I guess this episode was trying to tie up loose ends, but you could at least make it look thought out.

I think I can sum my problem with this episode up pretty simply. The developments in this episode seem to rely way too much on the fact that the Stasis world is a mysterious world of magic. When very little has been done to set up the rules of the world, it's very easy to make up whatever development you want because you can explain it away with "magic". It's a style of explanation that I don't like seeing, so I have a pretty low opinion of the series going into the next episode (which is presumably the final episode). Will the series make up for it in the finale?

At this point, Sagawa has done nothing to convince me that he deserves a second chance, but he'll get one anyway. It makes the ending feel forced and sucks away any meaning.

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