Darling in the FranXX Episode 10: These klaxosaur battles are starting to feel like cheap openers

This episode really left me with a lot of questions about this world. We finally get a look at the adult world and it's full of mysteries. I think the ultimate verdict on this episode depends on whether we get any payoff in the future, as the episode was really intriguing and deserves a reveal. The focus on Zorome in the episode also felt reasonable since he's always the most enthusiastic about becoming an adult.

I really question the effectiveness of a door that doesn't let you know whether you can pass until you try to do so.

The whole concept of the "infected" kids was pretty interesting in this episode. This rejected handshake doesn't seem like much until it's combined with the disinfectant part later in the episode.

I guess this is still relevant. Points for not just ignoring the confession from last week.

There's a fun question here. What are the kids really protecting? The adult world we're shown seems to be a bit of a standard dystopia where the adults just kinda numb themselves to the world outside. What are the adults doing that's so worth protecting?

The fact that the woman in this episode knew Zorome's code and Zorome's own comments make me wonder if this woman is Zorome's mother or something. That makes me wonder if the adults are kept around for reproductive purposes. Also, I'm wondering if the city is actually full of adults. Zero Two calls the city lifeless and Zorome wanders around for a long time without seeing anyone. It's very possible that the adults are all secluded, but part of me wonders if the city's just empty.

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