Sora yori mo Tooi Basho Episode 11: What a team

This series is such a great weekly dose of fun. Shirase and Hinata's relationship makes me so happy. They have such opposing personalities, but they've had the best moments together.

I still hold that Yuzuki is a hidden hero in this series. Sure, she's just playing the straight man, but she's doing it spectacularly. grandmother does this when I play cards with my family and it's the worst. Stop giving away my hand!

The way the shot zooms in before showing Shirase really adds to the delivery of the joke.

I really liked the way that Hinata's story was revealed. I probably should have been suspicious of her "old friends" when they suddenly decided to come back just as Hinata was going to be broadcast. However, the way this flashback was presented actually made me wonder if it was an honest mistake.

Personally, I've never really liked the idea of catering to third years. They could have just been giving an honest opinion that backfired later. But the following scenes made it clearer and clearer that these girls were not good people.

Shirase's reluctance to confront Hinata makes a lot of sense in this episode. It's similar to the situation in Singapore, when Hinata that she didn't like when others were considerate of her. Personally, I kinda wanted something about how false empathy can be. There are many times when someone will say that "they would be bothered by X", but I honestly don't care. That being said, I understand that it's not the type of episode this is, so I don't think the actual theme detracted from my enjoyment.

Shirase gives the best speeches for the most camera-shy character. Watching her stand up for Hinata was really heartwarming.

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