Winter 2018 Grab Bag Week 10: Sangatsu no Lion, Mahou Tsukai no Yome

I'm still trying my best to catch up on shows that I missed while I was out.

3-gatsu no Lion S2 Episode 40

I'm not one who would know anything about the burdens of aging, but I still think this story has been seriously fantastic. I really don't have too much to say about this episode because I was just having such a good time while I was watching.

I really liked the breadth of visual styles used to express Sakutarou's inner feelings. You could see his desperation as he tried to keep hold of his friends' expectations and dreams. It's great that this match is so memorable despite all of the time spent commenting on how tough it would be to advertise it.

There's something really satisfying about the episode's conclusion and its simplicity. Sakutarou's win felt deserved and satisfying because of how much we saw him struggle. And where do we leave off? Prepared to do the same thing the following year.

Mahoutsukai no Yome Episode 22

And with this, we've basically reached where the story is in the manga. We're on equal footing now. This series really has me curious about how the story will end. The idea of switch Chise's curse with Cartaphilus's curse is quite interesting, but I can't imagine it's so simple. I do really hope that the series doesn't end with Chise's death, though.

Smug child Chise is so awesome. She seems like such a normal girl.

I thought the way in which the flashback ended was pretty interesting. I liked the idea that Chise refused to forgive her mother but ended up finally understanding her mother's feelings. The whole idea of releasing herself from her interpretation of the situation is cool.

I'm not too surprised about where this is going, but part of me doesn't really like the idea of "saving" Cartaphilus. I know that there's another personality, "Joseph", in there, but it's really not helping.

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