Kokkoku Episode 10: The epic fight?

Well, this week's episode took kind of a strange turn. Too many points felt like they were really fizzling in this week's episode, like Makoto's power and the random dude who turned into a Herald. The main fight itself also felt really awkward to watch. It really didn't seem consistent that Juri was acting reckless overall but left so many opportunities for Sagawa to get away from her attacks.

Majima brings up a really good question about the range of Makoto's power here that just...disappears. The conversation is steered away from it and it's never brought up again. All they would need to do is let the Herald walk really far ahead to see if "Takafumi" could still control it.

Am I the only one really curious about how the physics works in the Stasis world? I'm wondering what determines how quickly the baseball slows down after it's hit by someone who can move. Is there just some arbitrary deceleration?

Given that Majima has some control over the physics in this world, I'm disappointed that her power isn't related to how these baseballs work.

This scene really makes me think that there was no ultimate point to hiding Makoto's power. It doesn't really do much to establish that Takafumi's a sleazy character because other scenes have done a pretty good job at that. Sagawa also isn't fooled by it, so it doesn't seem to serve a purpose other than...comic relief?

I'm not at all surprised by this development, but it still makes me sigh internally. We need to pad the run time some more, I guess...

Ugh, this line doesn't bode well. I'm reserving judgment on Sagawa until I hear the rest of his story. So far, he's just the son of a stereotypically corrupt priest who has decided that he wants to time travel. It doesn't really seem that believable yet.

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