Darling in the FranXX Episode 9: Goro's such a bro

I've come to like Goro as a character in previous episodes, so I found this week's focus on him quite welcome. I'm liking the way he approaches his love triangle with Hiro and Ichigo. He doesn't kick up any excessive drama, but he also earnestly pursues his love interest.

I liked how Goro's flashbacks played out in this episode. His approach of making people hate him so he could avoid interaction was interesting. I can understand and relate to that kind of behavior. Also, I liked that the flashbacks showed Goro's thoughtfulness, even if Hiro would beat him to the punch.

I kinda wonder if I'm reading too much into this, but I saw a hint of what I interpreted as "shock" in Ichigo's expression when she knocks Zorome out of the way. The boys are ultimately in control of the Franxx, so I thought it was a nod to the fact that Ichigo might not be fully aware of her partner's plan.

This scene also surprised me by showing Zorome's reactions in the background. While Miku and Ichigo are arguing, he's slowly trying to escape the situation. I suspect that it's because he's technically responsible for getting Goro captured, which is a nice touch.

I honestly wasn't sure if Goro would make it out of this episode alive. I'm glad that he did, but I'm starting to feel like this show is asking for character death.

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