Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens Episode 9: Trust no one

This week's episode felt really depressing. Lin's background made sense and it definitely explained why he has trust issues. However, the story itself felt like it was trying to check too many boxes on a tragic backstory. It's kinda similar to last week's episode in that it seemed pretty clear where things were going. However, I felt like last week's episode was actually setting itself up for the reveals well in contrast.

I know we're continuing the trend that Lin sucks at baseball, but you can do better than this. Banba tells Lin about two signals before the old man tests Lin. Banba already demonstrated stealing a base, so Lin could have honestly guessed "bunt" without seeing a thing.

My first reaction after seeing this kid was thinking he would either be killed at the end of the flashback or return as a character in this arc. In a training facility for hitmen, I figured it was odd to introduce a character with such a deep connection to a main character.

Feilang's betrayal also isn't the most shocking thing in the world. The flashback opens with the facility telling Lin to trust no one. Given how rebellious Lin was, why would he listen to them? The only conclusion would be that something in his training instilled the behavior into him. Basically, I'm saying betrayal speaks louder than words.

So...did the facility keep Feilang alive or something? You could argue that they put a lot of effort into training himself, so it would be a waste to let him die. If not, they're really bad at administering their "final" exam.

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