Violet Evergarden Episode 9: Somehow not the last episode

Well, this episode wasn't too bad for a last episode. Wait, what do you mean this wasn't the last episode? It had the references to every previous encounter in it. What else could it be?

But joking aside, this episode wasn't bad. The resolution wasn't too surprising or anything, but it tugs at the emotions nonetheless.

The beginning of the episode felt like a bit of a letdown. The flashback was resolved quickly and much of it was composed with scenes we'd already seen. The only new information was the explanation of how Violet lost her arms. I'm on board with the grenade ripping off an arm, but is it really possible for a bullet to cut through an arm? I mean, she has bone there, right?

I sure hope this scene about a rebellion in a nearby region is relevant later. Otherwise, it's really random.

This line from Hodgins is really cryptic. Awkwardly enough, it heavily suggests that Gilbert is still alive when taken at face value. Still, I'm probably just overthinking it. The other interpretation is that Violet now has other relationships to support her even if the major is gone, which is probably more appropriate.

The episode really went back and forth on whether it was about the dead major or the body count that Violet left behind. Maybe I was missing something, but the part about the major seemed to go to the background a lot. It felt like one of those concepts was tacked on and the episode couldn't tell which one it was.

Bringing up the characters from previous episodes really made this episode look like the wrap up you'd see in a finale. I wonder where we go from here. Also, I wanted to be upset with Hodgins for distancing himself from Violet while she was suffering. However, the final scene in the episode made it look like he was talking about himself to an extent. So, I'm willing to accept that he probably didn't know what to do himself.

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