Winter 2018 Grab Bag Week 9: Sangatsu no Lion, Mahou Tsukai no Yome

Gee, I sure wonder what show I'm going to pick this week.

3-gatsu no Lion S2 Episode 39

I always enjoy it when this series explores other perspectives. I thought this episode did a great job of making me want to cheer for both players.

I really liked that the episode starts by showing Shimada's perception of Saku. From Shimada's perspective, the gathering of Saku's older friends is a power play to mess with an opponent's morale. Shimada sees them as a huge advantage that Saku has built with his years of experience, which is a nice way to set up the rest of the episode.

However, we later see that the expectations of those who are left behind can be a burden. I'd never quite thought of things like that, but it makes sense when you think about it. Of course, it's always tragic when a dream is left unrealized, but I always find it interesting to look at the other side.

The presentation in this episode did a great job of visualizing Saku's personal suffering. For me, the image of the bandages covering Saku is one of the most memorable scenes I've seen in this series.

The concept of the burnt field was also great. Saku basically stands alone in the aftermath of his friends who have burned out.

Mahoutsukai no Yome Episode 21

While it's pretty easy to hate Elias in this episode, I'd say that his actions make sense. This episode really shines a light on the worst of both Elias and Chise. Other characters have mentioned multiple times that Chise's relationship with Elias is dangerous and this episode seemed like the breaking point.

In Elias's defense, we've heard multiple times that he's practically a child despite his appearance. It seems pretty fitting that his actions would stem from a combination of immature jealousy and his general attachment to Chise. Chise's not fully in the clear on this one too, especially with how much she's willing to disregard her own life.

I didn't really get this scene. The number of scenes with lips moving makes me think that the scene really should have been voiced. It seemed way too long to warrant a complete lack of dialogue.

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