Kokkoku Episode 9: So many new things

This week's episode really felt like the series was trying to shove a number of story elements in without really explaining them. For example, the dying delinquent who turns into a Herald felt super random. I guess Sagawa's motivations are explained a bit more, but I still don't fully "believe" them without a little explanation on why he's aiming for that goal.

I was quite surprised with Juri's decision to destroy the stone. I'm sure it's just meant to set up some drama to get her out, but the series might be interesting if it ends with her guarding over the Stasis world or something.

I have mixed feelings about Shiomi's decision to switch sides. I liked the scene. Sagawa is part Herald, so his reaction makes sense since he would be able to read Shiomi's intentions to an extent. And Sagawa immediately turns on Shiomi without any kind of mental dialogue to bog down the scene. It was also established that Shiomi was the type of person who would change sides easily. I just wish there was more explanation on why he decided to do it. He probably felt like things weren't going in his favor when he saw the destroyed stone, but I wanted more than that.

I give Sagawa points for a unique plan. He feels less like a generic bad guy. However, the plan seems a bit sketchy. From what I could gather, he's trying to figure out the Stasis world to the point where he can use the jellyfish to stall his body while moving time forward. Is that even possible? Am I just supposed to accept that it is? I also want to know what caused Sagawa to come up with this plan, but I'm sure that's coming.

I'm willing to stay curious about where they go with Makoto's power. Takafumi still seems like he's being set up as the ultimate villain in this series, but I'll hold judgment until I see where this is going.

That being said, Juri's reaction to her father's "power" was pretty spectacular.

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