Darling in the FranXX Episode 8: Work together

This week's episode was okay in that it approached some topics that I wanted to see, but it mostly didn't feel like much. If anything, it felt almost like a hot springs episode in disguise (I say that because of the multiple bath scenes). That being said, I will state for the record that this week's episode was probably my favorite showcase for Zero Two. Her scenes were excellent.

Did this attack serve any other purpose for the klaxosaur? I'm sure you could make some kind of forced evolutionary argument, but it sure seems a lot like this attack exists just to dissolve the girls' clothes.

This conversation just sounds like nonsense. The girls could have easily hit puberty at different times, but they're clearly all responding to the same stimulus. The adults should have been monitoring them during that battle, so this much should be obvious, right?

This line seems like a bit of a throwaway, but I'm actually curious whether it's supposed to set up the scene at the end. My first question when Miku found the old squad's photo was why no one had bothered to clear out that room. But if the invisible caretakers do everything but clean, that might be an explanation.

Zero Two's expression here is amazing.

Hooray! Let's all work together! I guess it's about time that kind of thing happened.

This scene was probably the most interesting scene to me because it further the mystery of what happens to the parasites. In an earlier episode, I questioned whether it was just the risky nature of their job, and this revelation seems to reinforce that answer. I still kinda want it to be more, though, but I wonder if I'm just expecting too much from this show.

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