Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens Episode 8: The plan comes together

It really wasn't that hard to figure out where this week's episode was going, but I found it enjoyable nonetheless. To be fair, the episode seemed fairly aware of what it was doing, as it had Enokida literally scripting the entire plan. That's about as overt as you can get.

Given that the episode was trying so hard to hide Enokida's face in this opening sequence, I almost thought he'd already made the swap. Still, I liked a lot of the elements of his plan, like putting out a bunch of fake messages to hide the messages with the code.

This scene was a nice "are you paying attention?" moment. I definitely saw Lin in the background, but it would have been easy to focus on the conversation in the foreground.

Sigh...really? What kind of line is that?

I really should have realized last week that the whole height issue would become relevant later. I can do better!

I'm glad that I was right about bringing Saito in after Enokida helped him last week. I'm a bit sad that he was just used for another frame job. I get that it's supposed to be the running gag, but it still feels so much like an afterthought.

Also, the whole deal with Enokida's father didn't really make me feel anything. It just seemed like a really generic development that he didn't hate his son.

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