Violet Evergarden Episode 8: Back to the past

This week's episode finally went back to show the background events leading up to the start of the series, which is something I've been waiting to see. I really liked the way that Gilbert was portrayed in this episode, and it was great that his character finally became more than just a name. Still, it seems like the story is incomplete, so I'm curious to see what comes next.

This conversation is probably the one I understand the least. Hodgins takes a lot of heat, but was it really his fault that Violet learned about Gilbert? He just confirmed it. Sure, he could have lied, but Violet could have continued doing the same investigation that we saw in this episode. Actually, I'm highly convinced that she would have regardless of what he said.

The flashback was kinda interesting in that it seemed like people were largely projecting themselves on to Gilbert. We're shown so many scenes that prove that he didn't see Violet as a weapon in the same way that other soldiers did.

Along the same line of thinking, I liked the way that the episode portrayed Gilbert's personal issues with using Violet. We see how he's forced to use her in battle and the impressions other get from that. The whole rumor that Violet is called Gilbert's weapon stems from his inability to keep her away from the fight. It's interesting to see how he struggles with that.

Honestly, I thought the scene with Hodgins was a bit on the nose. I would understand if he'd made a promise to take care of Violet, but having him joke that he would hire Violet after the war seems too specific.

I'm definitely curious to see where this battle goes from here. From what we've seen so far, the victory seems assured, but we know that Violet still needs to lose her arms. I'm wondering how that happens, so I guess we'll see next week.

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