Sora yori mo Tooi Basho Episode 9: In your face

This week's episode was great in that it addressed the part of the show I found most curious, Shirase's relationship with Gin. I really liked the way in which the two were presented and I look forward to seeing how they progress in the future.

Child Shirase is adorable. I really appreciated these flashbacks for how they showed Gin's previous relationship with Shirase. They also did a great job of showing how Shirase grew to become more like Gin because of the time they spent together.

The episode also made great use of parallel conversations to show how Shirase and Gin are alike, rather than having people point it out. The scenes make it more reasonable later in the episode when Gin confronts Shirase. The question about Shirase's true feelings makes a lot more sense when we see the similarities, as Gin's impression of how Shirase might feel is more likely to be accurate.

The "love story" in the background also felt really relevant despite being a pretty random side story on the surface. The random guy's questions about Gin's "type" are a nice parallel to Gin's own questions about Shirase's feelings. They both boil down to the same base question: "how do you feel about me?"

The episode was also able to fit some extra information into the story as well. The stuff about the icebreaker and Japan's own history with Antarctic exploration was pretty interesting. It's not something I would normally think about as a barrier to Antarctica.

Man, this scene just felt cruel.

But I guess the main story is that the girls finally made it. Shirase's reaction was amazing.

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