Kokkoku Episode 8: Should it really be this confusing?

This show feels like it's gradually falling apart to me. The explanations are still coming in the same way, but they're making less sense. That's the opposite of what should be happening as the show progresses, so I'm really bothered by it. I think a large part of the confusion lies in the fact that we still don't have a good grasp of what Majima and Sagawa know about Stasis.

The beginning of the episode wasn't too bad, as Sagawa seemed to be experimenting with how much control he still had as a Herald. It's not a bad concept, but I didn't find it too compelling as it was presented. There are brief comments about will, but they don't go anywhere.

I also didn't mind Majima's attempt to convince Shiomi to betray Sagawa. Ultimately, it doesn't amount to anything, but it seemed like a decent plan to me.

Nice joke and all, but I would consider many of the quotes from The Art of War to qualify as old sayings. So, this statement doesn't really refute what Gramps says.

So, does Majima actually have a power? Sagawa didn't make it too clear. She could have been demonstrating her own power like Juri, but Sagawa compares Majima with himself. That statement suggests that she might be integrating with the Stasis like he is. Or maybe there's no difference. That could be cool.

The ending of the episode seemed the most frustrating for me. How did Majima guess that Sagawa was planning to use the grandfather's blood to expel him from the Stasis? Doesn't that seem like too much of a leap? And why does the grandfather suddenly not care about getting the stone back? How else are they planning to get out?

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