Darling in the FranXX Episode 7: The obligatory beach episode strikes again

For an episode with no fighting, this week's episode was a lot more interesting than I was expecting it to be. While clearly an obligatory beach episode, it seemed to be setting up the mystery of the ruined surface world. I really want to know what happened to the civilization in this world. Plus, I have a weakness for post-apocalyptic worlds.

This scene made me feel like the beach part wasn't just an excuse to get the girls in swimsuits. I'm sure it was a large factor, but these comments really hammer home the idea that the world outside of the plantations is really messed up.

The adults weren't mysterious enough for you? Let's add a younger guy who won't even introduce himself!

I definitely fell into the same trap of assuming he had a stricter personality. So...well played?

Another benefit of the beach episode is that it references back to the very first scene in the series, when Zero Two asks to see an ocean. I thought it was a nice touch.

Also, Hiro is apparently just okay after the whole thing from last week. Am I just supposed to forget that he basically died?

This feels like one of those random comments that turns out to be true. The fact that the other parasites jump to Papa's defense as Hiro says this kinda gives that away. That being said, I'm hoping there's a bit more to it. As it stands, it seems like the easy answer is that humans started harnessing magma energy, which released the klaxosaurs and forced humanity into the plantations.

I hope this develops more in the future, but this scene was interesting to me. While Ichigo welcomes both Hiro and Zero Two, Zero Two continues to be a side thought. It's as though she's brought along with Hiro, the guy the parasites actually like. I was surprised that Zero Two was allowed to go off in the ocean by herself without any real comment.

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