Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens Episode 7: Hack Wars

I really enjoy how this series kicks off multiple stories and brings them all together. This story seems to be shifting the focus on to Enokida now, revealing his identity as a politician's son. I like where it's going, but I really hope I'm understanding it all correctly.

I get that it's a recurring theme that Saito is always in trouble, but this is starting to get ridiculous.

The main point of uncertainty in this episode for me was this hitman organization. I want to say that these people are M3, the cyberterrorists, based on what the episode was presenting, but only one of them seems to fit that description. Since, the "leader" guy gets jobs from some shadowy guy, I wonder if these guys are just freelancers hired by M3.

Enokida's background was...fair enough. I don't really have any complaints about it. I like the way his past tied him to Macro Hard, which forced him to become the focus of the story.

I thought this scene was clever as well. When Siva said that his plan was to keep Enokida away from a computer, I thought he would just get a brute to smash Enokida's computer or something. So, I give this plan points for being different. However, I have the same question in both scenarios. What's stopping Enokida from using a different computer?

As with previous episodes, I still get the feeling that the baseball tie-ins are too random. It feels too much like they're forced to be relevant. Either way, I'm guessing Enokida uses the wig he got this week to draw out his enemies. The wig looked too close to Enokida's hairstyle and it seems too convenient. I also think that Saito needs to be roped into this story somehow. Maybe Saito gets talked into being bait to pay Enokida back for helping with the police.

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