Random Thought: Why watch a show you don't like?

This week's episode of Beatless is a recap episode, so I'm left with an empty slot in my schedule. I've been pretty harsh with Beatless overall, which got me thinking about the topic of this post. Why keep watching a show that I don't like?

Honestly, I don't have a hard answer for that question. I think the easy answer is that I'm stubborn. But if you make the case that time spent on a show you don't enjoy is just wasted, then I'm not going to say that you're wrong. I'm just here to make my case.

The answer I usually give to this question is that I don't feel comfortable passing judgment on a series unless I've seen everything it has to offer. When my brother was first getting into anime, he used the most highly rated series as his starting point. One of those series was Steins;Gate. He later told me that he almost quit the series because of how slow the beginning was. Naturally, I didn't have the same experience, but it really got me thinking about how bad I'd feel about missing out on a series like that because I couldn't make it through the beginning.

Referring back to the comment I made about being stubborn, I wasn't just making a joke. My approach to seasonal anime is fairly chaotic at the beginning of the series, but I'm really reluctant to change my schedule past week 3. When I combine this mentality with the fact that I like to give shows the benefit of the doubt in the beginning, I end up with a schedule that's basically arbitrary.

But I've always liked it this way. It makes me feel like I'm covering a larger variety of shows. And that's definitely not a delusion, right?

I want to end on a bit of a tangent. I know I have a natural tendency to speak critically, so I think this is worth saying. Although, I like to point out flaws that I see in a show, the number of flaws or the way I present them shouldn't be a clear indicator of how I feel about the show. In my eyes, liking a show is done in spite of its flaws, not done in ignorance of them. So I will call them as I see them.

That's all for now. I hope we're back on track after this, but I'll be travelling internationally next week. No promises. Let me know your own thoughts on this topic, as I'm sure I have an odd opinion on it.

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