Violet Evergarden Episode 7: That escalated quickly

This week's episode seemed promising in that it finally got back to Violet and Gilbert. It feels like we're getting into more cohesive story rather than jumping around with Violet on different jobs. However, I can't help but feel apprehensive about where this development is going. I'm also a little disappointed with how it was triggered.

I honestly thought this episode was going to try and go meta about storytelling, but it looks like it was just showing that Violet can grasp fiction now.

The concept of the writer with a tragic past is nothing new, but I quite liked the way that it was presented. We know that he's mourning the loss of someone he loves, but I was expecting it to be his wife at this point. However, Violet's comment about Olive never returning to her father is an excellent way to correct that assumption without blatantly saying that Olivia is the writer's daughter.

I'm not gonna lie...this scene looked great.

I felt like this episode tried to pile on a bit too much at the end. This scene where Violet realizes how much suffering she's caused as a soldier naturally progresses from the main story of the episode. I have no issue with that. However, the scene seems to lose its importance when we see what comes next.

After all of that waiting, the big reveal is just a passing comment from Violet's new guardian? It feels so...empty. Maybe that's just me.

I'm with Violet on this one. She barely even knows what loss is, so her reaction to the story Hodgins gives her feels justified. To be honest, I really hope that Gilbert is really dead, but I can understand why she wouldn't accept it without a body to confirm.

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