Sora yori mo Tooi Basho Episode 8: The long journey

For an episode almost solely focused around the topic of puking, I found this week's episode really entertaining. It was inevitable that the girls would reach the wall that forced them to reconsider their journey. But the presentation of the episode was still funny despite the somewhat serious topic, so it didn't feel overbearing.

I noticed this scene, but I wasn't sure what to make of it. When the scene is focused on the main four, they're shown from above bathed in light. When the scene is focused on Kanae here, the light is dimmer and she's shown behind a gate.

I guess Shirase's ability to forget her responsibilities is going to be a recurring theme.

Whoa, people actually think like this? I find that hard to believe.

This scene is a great contrast with the beginning of the episode. The girls are in the same position, but it's a clear indication of how much the trip has affected their outlook.

I can't really say I relate, as I've never felt seasick in my previous experiences on a boat. However, I appreciated that the series explained how the currents in this section of the ocean made the trip especially rough. It was enough to convince me that I would also likely go through something similar if I was on a similar trip.

I love this show a lot, but this scene was way too lighthearted. Going out on deck in the middle of rough waters seems a lot more dangerous than the scene would suggest. We don't even see anyone else out there.

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