Winter 2018 Grab Bag Week 7: Grancrest Senki, Marchen Madchen

Grab bag's feeling a little light this week.

Grancrest Senki Episode 7

I don't really understand the pacing of this show. It speeds through large-scale conflicts, but it devoted a large portion of episode 6 to a dance scene. Similarly, episode 7 (this week's episode) seemed like it was trying to cram two very different stories into a single episode.

I won't pretend like I understood this negotiation. I guess I'm just supposed to buy that Theo has such amazing charisma that he's able to earn people's trust with his words alone.

I guess this guy was related to the suffering in Theo's hometown or something.

We're finally back on the wedding from the beginning of the series. However, the fact that this guy spends the entire time talking about his love made me wonder how important this really is to the story. It was pretty obvious in the first episode that he was more invested in the relationship, so did we really need this?

Marchen Madchen Episode 06

This series really took its time to make a point. After half the series, Hazuki finally unlocks her power and introduces the main theme of the series: making your own story. It's not that it's a bad concept. I just

I'm slowly developing a pet peeve for unnecessary time rewinds. And this black screen with text seems like a really awkward way to set it up.

This is a really derpy face to leave on screen for longer than a second...

Honestly, I thought that Qazan and her allies had interesting powers. They all seemed to revolve around the kinds of sly tricks a street urchin would use (like stealing and lying).

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