Kokkoku Episode 7: Time to ascend

I still find the information that we're given in this series interesting, but I'm starting to question the delivery of it. Also, I have similar issues with the consistency in this series that I've voiced in previous episodes. Sagawa's also a bit disappointing as a villain. I thought he was interesting before because he seemed pretty knowledgeable, but his motivations felt pretty lackluster as they were presented.

Majima's brother ended up being a disappointment. It's interesting that he managed to stay alive, but I guess we're not going to get a decent explanation for that any time soon. In the end, he's just there for the cliffhanger and immediately leaves Stasis in this episode. That's pretty frustrating.

I give the series credit for closing this loop even if it's a bit questionable. It makes the jellyfish look like a plot device designed to bring the Yukawa family into Stasis, but it's better than nothing. This revelation does make me wonder, though. If Tsubasa has returned to being one of the Stalled, could he be brought back into Stasis if someone else dies?

We finally get Sagawa's plans, but he has pretty standard bad guy plans. To reference back to what I said at the start of this post, I think the information he gives in his conversation about the "Founder" is interesting. I like the idea of the guy running experiments in Stasis. I just wish it wasn't just dumped out in a single conversation like it was.

What happened to the original plan to strand the religious cult in Stasis once every family member was secured? This is later justified when Majima points out that Tsubasa is left defenseless as one of the Stalled, but the sudden change isn't justified here.

Sigh...okay, you can be a bad guy.

This isn't even his final form.

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