Darling in the FranXX Episode 6: Action! Excitement!

Honestly, I wasn't expecting it, but I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. I'm sure a bias towards action helps a lot with that. Still, I've been wanting to see more from the fights in this series and I felt like I finally found some of it in this episode. It also didn't spiral into despair as I thought it might.

Still, I need to get my complaints in, right? I think the weakest part of the episode was how much everyone needed to draw attention to the differences between the two teams. From what we saw last week, we expected the other team to be more organized, so it seemed frustrating that characters kept pointing it out.

This is another example.

On the other hand, this action sequence is the kind of fighting I like to see. The sequence of attacks felt cohesive and looked great.

Not gonna lie. I really expected the other team to die in this fight.

The episode also made me more curious about where the series is going with the klaxosaurs. This one in particular seemed almost machine-like, which seemed pretty interesting.

But hey, Hiro survived the third ride. I wonder if he's fully cured after his...death experience. Either way, this episode seemed like a solid ending for the first major story arc. It looks like they're moving more towards other teams based on the final scene in the episode. I guess we'll see where the series goes with that.

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