Violet Evergarden Episode 6: Breaking bread

This week's episode felt like one that could have gone a few different ways but didn't. It doesn't help that it was coming off of a pretty tense scene at the end of last week's episode, but I didn't expect for the scene to be completely ignored.

I guess Luculia's back and all, but she really doesn't contribute too much. She seemed to notice that Violet was "off" in this episode. I thought that would be some kind of hint at what happened in last week's episode, which would likely have left Violet shaken. However, it just never comes up again.

I like these kinds of scenes. No need for a fuss. Leon holds his throat to indicate that he's talked himself sore for underestimating Violet's typing speed.

I give this episode credit for not going too far into the cookie cutter developments. I'm starting to get tired of seeing everyone react to Violet's mechanical hands, but I'm glad she didn't give her stock response to the question of why she became a Doll. It probably shows that she's changed. She no longer looks at the job for what she can gain from it. Instead, she appreciates what she does for others.

In the end, I think the judgment on Leon depends on where Violet goes after encountering him. His story wasn't bad. He locks himself away from the world when his parents both venture out to their deaths. Violet comes in as someone he can relate with and demonstrates that someone like him can really make it in the outside world.

Leon seems to be getting Violet closer to figuring out what Gilbert means to her, but he gets stopped in a rather frustrating way. If this conversation is built upon later, I will probably forgive it. As it stands, it seems like his conversation is somewhat wasted. I do feel bad for Leon, though. He was fighting a losing battle for Violet's affection.

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