Winter 2018 Grab Bag Week 6: Mahou Tsukai no Yome, Marchen Madchen, Yuru Camp

The situation with 3-gatsu is depressing, but it makes me glad I have this post to avoid having to fill an empty hole in the week.

Mahou Tsukai no Yome Episode 18

The episodes that focus on Chise and Elias are always interesting, but I really wish Elias wasn't such a guarded mystery. I admit that it probably just makes him more intriguing, though.

This week's episode does a pretty good job of emphasizing the mutual dependence Chise and Elias have. The reminder about Chise's deteriorating condition is a pretty clear sign of dependence, but we're also given a reminder of Elias's own deficiencies. We've seen other characters call him childish, and his jealousy in this episode is a good example.

While this is a cute scene, I do feel kinda bad for how sidelined Silky tends to be. Ruth at least gets to contribute.

Marchen Madchen Episode 05

I'm not even gonna try with the special characters.

I've mostly been watching this series pretty idly, but I figure I should talk about it. On its face, it doesn't really do anything new with its setup. The main character happens upon a magic school and joins it. Personally, I think the strength of the series is how it incorporates its story-based theme in small ways. The characters make small references to storytelling quirks or tropes, which fits in a world where magic derives from stories.

For example, this scene here is a pretty blatant reference to taking the blue pill.

This episode also had a small nod at romance series, pointing out that most could be solved if the protagonist just confessed to his love interest.

I think the general weakness in the show is how it builds its setting. The rules of the Hexennacht aren't explained too well, so it generally doesn't make sense when everyone rides Hazuki for being a liability. We're constantly reminded that Origins are important, but there's not a good explanation about why that's the case.

The preview bits at the end are certainly funny, though. As for this episode in particular, it ends with Hazuki rejoining the Hexennacht after almost leaving. It's not too unexpected as far as developments go, but I guess it works. I still don't get why Japan gets away with having four registered contestants, though.

Yuru Camp Episode 6

I haven't talk about this show in a while. To be fair, not too much tends to happen. That being said, I think it's my favorite fluff show of the season. The backgrounds tend to help with that, and I think the series does a good job of presenting the outdoor experience. I say that as someone who doesn't do too much stuff outdoors.

The way Rin's progression has been presented has been pretty fun to watch. I like watching her solo camping, but it's still funny to see how she's slowly being sucked into the camping group by jealousy.

This is so relatable.

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