Kokkoku Episode 6: That was fast

This week's episode didn't feel super exciting for me, but it felt like it had to happen. It didn't really feel as dense with information. I'm not saying that the episode was necessarily predictable, but I felt like I could see where it was going.

I'm really starting to get tired of these cliffhangers. Tsukasa felt like he was going to be a focus of this episode, but he was just the opening. Overally, I think he was just meant to set up the possibility of saving one of Majima's family members (which we see later in the episode).

Boy, I hope this throwaway line from Takafumi comes into play later. I could see it being used to justify some quick impression of Majima's brother later, but it could also be setting up something interesting about the Heralds.

Going along with the theme of inevitability, I'm not super surprised that Majima couldn't summon the Herald. I'm assuming that it's meant to portray her as a decent person despite her role in everything.

I'm still wary of how much the series is trying to prop up Takafumi as a future antagonist, but I'm curious enough to see where it's going. Admittedly, I thought it was funny when he summoned the Herald with no issue after Majima's struggles.

I'm interested in seeing where the series goes with Majima's brother, but I'm also kinda wary. I'd be annoyed if he just gets brought back into things with one of the jellyfish transfers that we've been missing. What I find interesting is the fact that we never really saw Juri expel his jellyfish, meaning he could still be part of this Stasis. Maybe he never fully converted or something.

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