Darling in the FranXX Episode 5: Third time is the charm

This week's episode felt less blatant than previous episodes, which made it more interesting for me. Hiro's condition isn't completely surprising, and it definitely got me curious about Zero Two's "curse". The arrival of another plantation's Franxx pilots also puts the main characters into a better perspective, which also helps with giving information about the world.

Seriously, can these parasites not count? Even if Hiro looks okay, this is a surefire way to jinx the third ride. What if Zero Two's partners always seem okay after the first two rides? They've only heard rumors of the "three ride" rule, after all.

Zero Two's expression is awesome in this scene.

I like the introduction of the other Franxx pilots. They do a good job of revealing how ignorant the main characters are, which ends up providing hints about the general nature of the world. For example, this scene brings up questions about the parasites themselves. Is it meant to suggest that parasites naturally die before reaching adulthood? Or is their job just more dangerous than the main characters realize?

I hope this gets expanded in the future. I get that Zero Two has klaxosaur blood, but I'm really curious what she means here.

I honestly expected Hiro to be completely exempt from Zero Two's three ride limit, but I freely admit that it's more interesting that he isn't. Last week's episode felt like a letdown when we were finally shown Zero Two's cockpit. I'm still convinced there's more to it, which makes this week's development more intriguing.

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